Margaret Piela, MA, LMHC
Experience Management Consultant

Viktor Frankl inspired me as a teenager, when I read his book, Man's Search For Meaning.   The quote above speaks to the power of choice, independent of the circumstances we encounter.

During my nursing career, my focus was to help patients find a choice point in the midst of challenging circumstances - loss, pain, suffering, crisis, addictions, illness and death. At the death bed of many patients, I would help those faced with crisis and challenging situations to move from a place of fear to a place of inner peace.  I co-designed and implemented educational programs, knowing the power of education, information, motivation and support to empower patients.   Many patients were not at peace and did not know the power of choice in attitude. I would provide inspiration, tools, and perspectives so they would have more ability to change their life experiences. 

Entering graduate school, I had a fervent desire to understand how to break out of habitual patterns, not just superficially or temporarily, but in a concrete, lasting way. Seeking to know how we could be in charge of our own internal experiences and not fall victim to circumstances; how we could develop a sense of inner peace no matter what we faced, I was determined to discover whatever it took to be fulfilled at the end of life's journey and then to teach what I learned.

In graduate school, I created Experience Management, a simple and practical way to teach and inspire people. The life-altering tools and perspectives I teach as Experience Management are built upon the foundations of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Quantum Physics and Systems Thinking.   I continue to utilize this model and conceptual framework to professionally inspire, empower and educate people through classes, counseling and individual consultations.

After graduation and to present day, I continue being inspired and am perpetually on a  quest toward more self-realization, mastery and self-actualization.  With my questioning and never-ending curiosity, my belief in the importance of recognizing how powerful perception is, and my willingness to drop limited frameworks to move into new territory, I am eager and engaged as a student of life in everyday circumstances.  The practical application of Experience Management in my life brings me continued understanding, wisdom, knowledge and experience beyond what is written here.

I extend to all those who come for my services, the same standing invitation I receive from life:  to elevate our experience of being human to a more creative, fulfilling and masterful one.  I am delighted with what comes forward in response to saying YES to life's intriguing invitation.  I am honored to have the opportunity to participate with clients in their self-realization and actualization.


In 1976, I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at the University of San Francisco.  After years as a Registered Nurse, I received an M.A. in Whole Systems Design in 1984 from Antioch University West, with a specialty in Facilitating Change From a Systems Perspective.  With added certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mediation and Conflict Negotiation, I started my own  business in 1983.

Having gained expertise and experience in health and the behavioral sciences, I blended them together to provide clients with practical, holistic approaches to managing their personal experiences. I provided trainings in the corporate environment and expanded to include speaking engagements, retreats, conflict resolution and problem employee counseling, private counseling, group facilitation and classes.

As a Certified Herbalist, Natural Health Consultant and Nutritional Counselor, I furthered my knowledge and experience in Natural Health. I received additional training, certifications and experience in various healing and change modalities such as Iridology, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and Reflexology Techniques as well as Matrix Energetics Levels I & II, Reiki Level 1 and Basic Training for Spiritual and Magnetic Healing.

I was the founder and director of Mastery Health & Learning Center, Inc. during various phases of the Centerís growth and it took the form of a health center and retail health and herbal store from 2000 - 2006.  Our staff was comprised of more than 12 practitioners who combined their talents to provide a unique array of classes and individual consultations, all for the personal growth, health, and life enhancement of clients.

In 2009, I began providing brain training exercises via NeuroFeedback.  This exercise protocol provides an opportunity for a client's nervous system to self-regulate and function at a higher potential.  The brain has the capacity to change, recover function, break habits, and build new neuron pathways when challenged through exercise.  Clients are therefore supported in making new behavioral and emotional changes with NeuroFeedback.