Feedback about my work has continued to show me for over 30 years that Experience Management tools and perspectives are universally beneficial to all human beings and useful in all aspects of life, independent of background, age, race, creed, profession, beliefs, sex and sexual orientation.

Clients Applaud!

“Margaret has an amazing gift for lifting the weight of problems and bringing enlightenment, understanding and paradigm shifts. I always left her office feeling a sense of change and freedom, through the journey of uncovering who I am and what I want to be. I made a life choice to follow my passions and live a life of joy. I am living it out and loving my life. Her lessons have stayed with me and instruct me. She truly is an amazing and gifted life coach.” Tina Terada-Santos


“It’s hard to put into words the way Margaret works. It’s the


most amazing coaching I have ever experienced. She helps me discover what I truly want and stay directed towards that goal. She is truly a rare, multitalented and multifaceted professional. She empowered me through every aspect of huge life changes. She attended meetings on my behalf with business associates to support me in making decisions in line with my goals and her attention to detail helped me write legal contracts I needed so all parts of my life would be congruent and success would be assured during this life transition. Working with Margaret has shifted my world. She’s awesome!” Cindy Horsfall, Owner of La Paw Spa, 2004



Success shown consistently through time!


“I was not looking for a mentor or a caretaker and certainly not a cheerleader! I really wanted someone to help me change! You were that coach! You have the unique ability to help bring me around 180 degrees to look at life with a fresh start. You provided the leadership to help me develop my own direction.” Mildred


“Talking with you allows me to make soul connections. Speaking with you reinforces what I already know and it helps me set new paths. My relationship with you is one that leads to self-discovery.” MO


“Margaret has been a great blessing to me in my life. She is very caring, compassionate, wise, and understanding, and she always makes me feel so good and so genuinely accepted when I am with her. Margaret listens very well and is able to get to the heart of the matter with great ease. She is a gentle person with a big heart.” Greg Smith

“Ms. Piela developed a customized stress management program for our organization which entailed company group sessions linked with individual consulting. She has wiley developed a low key, disarming approach to the individual which is highly effective. We have all marveled at her ability to customize her approach to the individual and belief system at hand. Effective stress management counseling is difficult at best since it requires true personal change and in most cases the modification of dysfunctional mental habits which most of us acquire over a lifetime. Margaret does not gloss over or avoid these difficulties by using a purely mechanical approach. Her approach with this organization has been professional, realistic, non-threatening and most importantly effective.” Don Chance, Executive Director, Seattle Master Builders Association, 1987

“It is truly outstanding that great concepts and principles can be immediately put to use and desired, positive results are realized. Not just theory that feels good in the classroom, but application that can stand up in the real world!” Scott Davi, Boeing, 2002

“I don’t have to keep regurgitation my feelings for the therapist’s benefit (like others I have gone to). You keep going to the core, until we get to the bottom of things. You set up the framework in such a way and stick to it, so I can go further in solving my own problems by myself than I ever have.” AR



Comments below, mostly anonymous, taken directly from

Experience Management Class evaluation forms.

“Incredible. I’ve learned SO much and experienced SO much growth and real results. This Experience Management Class pulled together a lot of what I’ve already learned and added to it enormously. A life changing course.”

“Taking this course helped me realize that I was moving in the right direction. It gave me so much information on how to be even more specific in what I wanted and how to move towards my goal. I’m thrilled! I know this class will change my life and it could not have come at a better time for me. I’m ready for change. I can’t thank you enough!”


“Margaret, you have such a wonderful style of presenting information. I never feel judged or wrong, which give me strength and confidence and aids in my ability to make a shift in seeing things differently.” Deborah Lacey

“I love your stories. I love your analogies, metaphors. I can relate to them and they help me understand. You follow through with these metaphors in such a way that the concept makes sense to me. You communicate the same understanding so clearly and patiently until I know it inside me.” AR

“This class opened me to what I somehow always knew was in me; but I never could have imagined getting in touch with it.”

“You start with the head learning and end with the heart learning, which is really the only way.” V Goode