Addressing both personal fulfillment
and organizational success.

Employees can consistently generate effective solutions to interpersonal dilemmas and organizational problems in the workplace after learning Experience Management skills & perspectives.  Imagine all individuals involved in your workplace making internal paradigm shifts that would naturally result in an increase in personal satisfaction and effectiveness as well as a decrease in  turnover, absenteeism, grievances, and accidents.

Imagine the individuals in your work environment being able to:

· Consistently utilize their potentially rich source of creative ideas and actions for personal satisfaction and productivity and increase their receptivity to the diverse creativity of others.

· Change the dynamics of their long-standing personal habits that perpetuate underlying problems in the workplace and create possibilities for cooperation, effective communication and teamwork.

· Find easier, wiser, and more natural ways to effectively resolve underlying interpersonal conflicts which, when left alone, foster unproductive and unhealthy patterns in the workplace.

· Establish a “norm”, with a common understanding and language, which sets the stage for active responsibility from all people involved to use their internal resources to create healthy, fulfilling, and productive experiences in the work environment. 

· Skillfully and creatively challenge internal systems that are no longer working to find effective, practical choices for constructive change where none have seemed to exist.  

Underlying interpersonal dilemmas in the organizational culture can consistently permeate interactions and yet never get on the agenda to be addressed.  Dysfunctional and addictive interpersonal dynamics play out in many workplace environments, negatively impacting both individuals and the organization through conflict, stress, burnout, illness, dissatisfaction,  addictive behaviors and low productivity. 

In my work, I engineer a climate of change and opportunity which fosters healthy interactions.  I provide a platform which naturally honors diversity, enhances cooperation, and increases emotional and creative intelligence.  Leaders are supported to implement strategies in the organizational structure to assure the personal changes made during sessions are sustainable in the workplace.  Whether services are provided individually or in a group, executives, managers and employees develop a common frame of reference from which they can initiate creative solutions that enhance communication and increase productivity and job satisfaction.  

 Whether working as a facilitator, consultant, counselor, coach, trainer or speaker, I provide a repertoire of empowering tools and perspectives built upon but not limited to the foundations of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Systems Thinking, and Neuro Linguistic Programming.  These fields of study provide the foundation for applying advanced principles of systems thinking to communications and behavior change.    The systems framework is utilized, modeled, taught and integrated into all my programs and services, for it provides the research, science, skills, perspectives and application that are core essentials in bringing about any desired change within all individual systems and systems of which they are a part, such as group or organization.    

Business clients state that the logical, practical way Experience Management tools and perspectives are presented is “just what they have been looking for.”   Executives are impressed with the usefulness of such profound truths.  The tools and perspectives are universally beneficial to all human beings, and useful in all aspects of life. The added benefit for all involved is that they are able to use the framework and skills in their personal lives to address concerns around relationships, health, personal awareness and life enhancement.

A Sampling of my work in the Corporate Environment:

Executive Coaching 
Management Training One-On-One 
Difficult Employee Counseling 
Onsite Skill Application and Integration 
Health Enhancement 

Group Consultation & Facilitation 

Project Planning & Facilitation 
Conflict Resolution and Mediation 
Team Building & Communications
Stress Management

Trainings, Retreats, Workshops, and Speaking Engagements 
Educational Program Design, Development & Implementation